Downloadable coasters for No Limits

No Limits is about the best rollercoaster editor, designer and simulator that money can buy. I stumbled across this program sometime around 2001 and have been following its progress ever since. Here are some downloadable designs of my own to run in No Limits.

Official German developer's site.
U.S. No Limits portal.

You can download No Limits for free, without the ability to save anything in the editor. That version will allow you to ride my tracks. If you're particularly interested in designing your own coasters, it's $25 to register the full version. All the details are on the two No Limits official sites listed above.


A floorless LIM-coaster with close supports and high loopbacks.
Click here to download

Big Air

A twisted steel LIM-coaster, good for airtime over the arches. Contains custom 3DS scenery.
Click here to download

Blue Racer

A floorless racing coaster. The G's are a bit heavy in the first turn, but you'll live. Contains custom 3DS scenery.
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